Health effect
Health effects (or health impacts) are changes in health resulting from exposure to a source. Health effects are an important consideration in many areas, such as hygiene, pollution studies, occupatio...
How did the anti-vaccination movement begin?
CNN's Deborah Feyerick takes a look at the origins behind the anti-vaccination movement and how is has impact the measles outbreak.
Alcohol, coffee could be key to living longer, UC Irvine study finds
Laquisha Jones, 30, appears in court on Thursday, July 12, 2018, on charges of attempted murder for the beating of an elderly man in Willowbrook.
Can phones make you blind? How blue light destroys eye cells
We know that excessive blue light is a problem. Now we know why.
Anti-vaccination stronghold in N.C. hit with state’s worst chickenpox outbreak in 2 decades
As of Friday, there were 36 cases of chickenpox at the Asheville Waldorf School, which serves children from nursery school to sixth grade in Asheville, N.C.
Compound in broccoli may slow signs of aging
Fine lines creeping across your face, and the inevitable aches and pains that come with your advancing years— if you, like most, want to delay the depressing signs of aging, new research suggests a si...
How Alcohol Abuse can be the worst teen abuse of all?
Alcohol is the most underrated abuse of all time. Abusers seldom realise they are not victims of abuse, but abusing it to the point where it becomes an addiction due to the "kick" it provides and the ...
Wine Protects Against Diabetes?
Study suggests drinking wine protects against diabetes, reducing type 2 risk compared with beer or other alcoholic beverages.
“It actually has me concerned, and I’m an expert”: Major cell phone radiation study reignites cancer debate
New research from the National Toxicology Program links radio-frequency radiation to tumor formation in rats
Moderate Drinking May Not Lengthen Life, Study Suggests
But other experts note that numerous studies have shown benefits of alcohol consumption
Ivy League Moves To Eliminate Tackling At Football Practices
Ivy League football coaches have decided to take the extraordinary step of eliminating all full-contact hitting from practices during the regular season, the most aggressive measure yet to combat grow...
BBC Future - Tea or coffee: Which drink is better for you?
Countless arguments have been waged over the superiority of one beverage over the other. But what does the scientific evidence say? David Robson finds out
Sugar may increase breast, lung cancer risk, study finds
Table sugar may increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a new animal study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Research Shows Helmetless-Tackling Drills Significantly Reduce Head Impact
The national debate around football-related head impacts, and their relationship to concussions and spinal injuries, continues to raise concern in the United States. Sparked by efforts to help make th...
Will Smith's 'Concussion' Puts the NFL Under a Microscope
The league says it welcomes 'any conversation' about player health and safety.
Colombia Takes a Bold Step Away From the U.S. and Legalizes Pot
Colombia, a country that was once synonymous with illegal drugs, legalized medicinal marijuana on Tuesday. President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree mak
Scientists Link Oversleeping to Premature Death
Scientists have linked oversleeping to premature death, in a recent study that further emphasizes the health benefits of being physically active. It was determined that oversleeping was actually just ...
Health effects of alcohol
Health effects of alcohol may refer to:
Health effects of wine
Wine and health is an issue of considerable discussion and research. Wine has a long history of use as an early form of medication, being recommended variously as a safe alternative to drinking water,...
Health effects of wine - Wikipedia
Health effects of caffeine
The health effects of caffeine have been extensively studied. Short term side effects such as headache, nausea, and anxiety have been shown as symptoms of mild caffeine consumption. Caffeine competiti...
Health effects of caffeine - Wikipedia
Health effects of tea
According to legend, the health effects of tea have been examined ever since the first infusions of Camellia sinensis about 4700 years ago in China. Emperor Shennong claimed in The Divine Farmer's Her...
Criticism of fast food
Criticism of fast food includes claimed negative health effects, alleged animal cruelty, cases of worker exploitation, and claims of cultural degradation via shifts in people's eating patterns away fr...
Criticism of fast food - Wikipedia
Health effects of chocolate
The health effects of chocolate refer to the possible beneficial or detrimental physiological effects of eating chocolate.Unconstrained consumption of large quantities of any energy-rich food, such as...
Health effects of chocolate - Wikipedia
Health effects of honey
Honey /ˈhʌni/ is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees (the genus Apis) is the one most commonly referred to, as it is the type of honey collected by ...
Health effects of honey - Wikipedia
High fructose corn syrup and health
The consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS or glucose–fructose syrup) and its relationship to a healthy diet is a subject of investigation. Evidence does not indicate it is less healthy than s...
Health effects of pesticides
Health effects of pesticides may be acute or delayed in those who are exposed. A 2007 systematic review found that "most studies on non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia showed positive associations with...
Health effects of pesticides - Wikipedia
Health effects of natural phenols and polyphenols
Because of the large structural diversity of dietary polyphenols, it is difficult to assert specific health effects from such ubiquitous substances. Their antioxidant activities in chemical and biolog...
Health effects of natural phenols and polyphenols - Wikipedia
United States raw milk debate
The United States raw milk debate concerns issues of food safety and claimed health benefits of raw (un-pasteurized, un-homogenized) milk, and whether authorities responsible for regulating food safet...
Health effects of salt
The health effects of salt are the conditions associated with the consumption of either too much or too little salt. Salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl) and is used in food ...
Health effects of salt - Wikipedia
Health effects of tobacco
The health effects of tobacco are the circumstances, mechanisms, and factors by which tobacco consumption affects human health. Epidemiological research has been focused primarily on cigarette tobacco...
Health effects of tobacco - Wikipedia