World is a common name for the whole of human civilization, specifically human experience, history, or the human condition in general, worldwide, i.e. anywhere on Earth or pertaining to anywhere on ea...
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British flag removed from EU Council building
The British flag is removed from the EU Council building in Brussels and the U.K. leaves the European Union.
BREAKING: Britain has left the European Union
BREAKING: Today, Britain left the European Union and regained control over its country. This is a historic step towards independence!
Puerto Rico Supplies Found In Hidden Warehouse
WOW! President Trump was 100% right about Puerto Rico ALL ALONG! This is CRAZY! [video from The Scoop]
Swan Tours
Swan Tours was established way back in 1995 with a view to cater to the needs of domestic tourists visiting India with their utmost satisfaction. We have the reputation of being one of the most reliab...
Glacier National Park - Good Medicine Lodge
Whether you’re looking for adventure or solitude, Glacier National Park is an excellent stop on your next trip. Here's what you need to know!
Is June a good time to visit Glacier National Park?
Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but June is really a great time to visit Glacier National Park! Obviously July and August are by far the most popul...
Sweden: Lessons for America? - Full Video
It’s been suggested that Americans would be better off if the United States was more like Sweden. Do the Swedes know something that we don’t? Sweden: Lessons for America? A Personal Exploration by Joh...
Pork Chops with Sweet and Sour Peppers - Gordon Ramsay
Gordon shows you Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Peppers - and how to slice vegetables simply and easily. From Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course...
Who was Qassem Soleimani, Iran's IRGC's Quds Force leader?
General Qassem Soleimani, the head of General Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's elite Quds Force died after a US air raid struck Baghdad’s international airport on Friday. He helped spread Iranian ...
Thursday Appointment - Iranian short film (just over 1 min) that won an award at the Luxor Film Festival.
Thursday Appointment - Beautiful Iranian 1 min short film Written & directed by Sayed Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan Translated by BARR Pictures Media shortfilm IranianFilm Love
Ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn flees trial in Japan for Lebanon
Former Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has apparenetly jumped bail in Japan where he was awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges. He is now in Lebanon, having arrived on a private aircraft. Gho...
Things to Do in Tennessee
A great list of things to do when you visit Tennessee!
Va dorim din, tot sufletul, ca anul ce începe sa aducă în casele voastre fericire și prosperitate!
Dragi prieteni, Va dorim din, tot sufletul, ca anul ce începe sa aducă în casele voastre fericire și prosperitate! Pe toată perioada...