Caspar David Friedrich
Caspar David Friedrich (September 5, 1774 May 7, 1840) was a landscape painter of the nineteenth-century German Romantic movement, of which he is now conside...
Johann Franz Ermels
Johann Franz Ermels (1641 – December 1693), a German painter and engraver, a pupil of Holtzman, was born in Reilkirch. He resided at Nuremberg, and painted for the church of St. Sebald in that c...
Friedrich von Keller (painter)
Friedrich von Keller (1840–1914) was a German landscape painter. He is associated with the Stuttgart Academy.
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Gustav Paul Closs
Gustav Paul Closs (1840 – 70 ) was a German landscape painter.
Closs was born at Stuttgart in 1840, and received his first instructions in the School of Arts there under Funk, but afterwards studi...
Johann Wilhelm Cordes
Johann Wilhelm Cordes, a landscape painter, was born at Lübeck in 1824, and died in 1869 at Weimar, where he was professor at the school of arts. A 'Park in Winter,' and 'Hunting the Wild Game,' are t...
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Andreas Achenbach
Andreas Achenbach (September 29, 1815 – April 1, 1910) was a German landscape painter, associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting.
Born in Kassel, he began his art education in 1827 in Düss...
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Charles Christian Nahl
Carl Christian Heinrich Nahl (October 18, 1818 – March 1, 1878), later known as Charles Nahl, and sometimes Karl Nahl, Charles Christian Nahl or Charles C. Nahl, was a German-born painter who is calle...
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Albrecht Adam
Albrecht Adam (16 April 1786 – 28 August 1862) was a German painter of battles and horses.
Born in Nördlingen, he began an apprenticeship as a confectioner and went in 1803 to Nuremberg to begin h...
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Bernhard Buttersack
Bernhard Buttersack (16 March 1858, Bad Liebenzell — 6 May 1925, Icking) was a German landscape painter of the Munich School.
He displayed artistic talent at an early age, was encouraged by his pa...
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Heinrich Gärtner
Heinrich Gärtner (1828 Neustrelitz - 1909 Dresden) was a German landscape painter.
He was a pupil of F. W. Schirmer in Berlin, and of Ludwig Richter in Dresden, whence he went to Rome to study the...
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Friedrich Eckenfelder
Friedrich Eckenfelder (6 March 1861 – 11 May 1938) was a Swiss-German impressionist painter, best known for his portrayals of farm horses and for townscapes with a background of the Swabian Alps. He w...
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Johann Martin Bernatz
Johann Martin Bernatz (1802–78), was a German landscape artist. Born in Speyer and trained in Vienna. he spent much of his life in Munich. He accompanied an expedition to Egypt and the Holy Land in 1...
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Georg Heinrich Busse
Georg Heinrich Busse (17 July 1810 – 26 February 1868), a landscape painter and engraver, was born at Bennenmühlen, near Hanover. He studied drawing under Giesewell, and then proceeded, with roy...
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Carl August Heinrich Ferdinand Oesterley
Carl August Heinrich Ferdinand Oesterley (January 23, 1839 – December 16, 1930) was a German landscape painter who eventually specialized in scenes from Norway.
He was a native of Göttingen, the s...
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Carl Rottmann
Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann (11 January 1797 in Handschuhsheim – 7 July 1850, Munich) was a German landscape painter and the most famous member of the Rottmann family of painters.Rottmann belonged to t...
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Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
Johann Wilhelm Schirmer (5 September 1807, Jülich – 11 September 1863, Karlsruhe) was a German landscape artist from Jülich, within the Prussian Duchy of Jülich.
Johann Wilhelm Schirmer was starte...
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Karl Abt (painter)
Karl Abt (18 December 1899, Pforzheim - 28 November 1985, Pforzheim) was a German painter.
Abt began to paint at the age of 12 and, with the support of his parents, enrolled in the Pforzheim Kunst...
Peter von Bemmel
Peter von Bemmel (18 August 1686 – 22 October 1754) was a German landscape artist.Von Bemmel was born in Nuremberg in 1686, the second son and pupil of Willem van Bemmel. He painted landscapes, ...
Christian Hilfgott Brand
Christian Hilfgott Brand, who was born at Frankfort-on-the-Oder in 1695, and studied under Agricola, left that town and settled, in 1720, at Vienna, where he became celebrated for his landscapes. He d...
Louis Mayer (painter)
Louis Mayer (23 May 1791 in Bischofsheim – 18 November 1843 in Stuttgart), born Ludwig Hartmann Mayer, was a German landscape painter and brother to the poet Karl Mayer.
Wilhelm Schirmer
August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer (born 6 May 1802 in Berlin; died 8 June 1866 in Nyon) was a German landscape artist.
Schirmer was born in Berlin. As a youth Schirmer painted flowers in the royal...
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Karl Eduard Biermann
Karl Eduard Biermann (1803–92) was a German landscape painter.
He was born in Berlin. He was at first a decorative painter, but afterwards studied landscape in Switzerland, the Tyrol, and Italy, a...
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Johann Hermann Carmiencke
Johann Hermann Carmiencke or John Hermann Carmiencke (born at Hamburg in 1810; died at Brooklyn, New York on 15 June 1867) was a landscape painter and etcher.
He went to Dresden in 1831 as a journ...
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Johann Carl Enslen
Johann Carl Enslen, a German landscape painter, who was born in 1769 and died in 1849, was well known in his time for his panoramas, which were the first introduced into Germany. He worked with his so...
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Carl Eytel
Carl Eytel (September 12, 1862 – September 17, 1925) was a German American artist who built his reputation for paintings and drawings of desert subjects in the American Southwest. Immigrating to the U...
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Friedrich Hagedorn
Friedrich Hagedorn (1814–1889) was a German painter who was active in Brazil. After twenty years of residence in the country, he then returned to Germany, his homeland. His production was relatively ...
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Christian Ernst Bernhard Morgenstern
Christian Ernst Bernhard Morgenstern (29 September 1805 – 27 February 1867) was a German landscape painter. Morgenstern is regarded as one of the pioneers in Germany of early Realism in painting. He g...
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Hans von Bartels
Hans von Bartels (25 December 1856 – 5 October 1913) was a German painter,
He was born in Hamburg, the son of Dr N. F. F. von Bartels, a Russian government official. He studied first under the mar...
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Carl Blechen
Carl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen (29 July 1798, Cottbus - 23 July 1840, Berlin) was a German landscape painter and a Professor at the Academy of Arts, Berlin. His distinctive style was characteristic of ...
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